About Us

The Owen County Chamber of Commerce & Economic Development Corporation is an alliance of businesses & individuals working together to facilitate growth & improvement. The staff & volunteers promote trade, tourism, industry & quality of life within the community. The Chamber of Commerce has served the Spencer area for more than 50 years, merging with Economic Development in 2003. Governed by a common Board of Directors elected by the membership, there are various committees overseeing numerous functions & activities.

Our Mission

  • To provide quality solutions for the advancement of economic development - including entrepreneurship education
  • To work with desirable new light to medium industrial businesses; to assist in their relocation to the area or expansion thereof
  • To encourage sound local hiring practices & to assist with workforce development opportunities
  • To help create, maintain & improve job opportunities for our citizens & expand the economic tax base of the community
  • To act as a liaison between local government and the business & industry - promoting partnership & common vision
  • To aid local government in obtaining & coordinating resources, grants, etc. for the benefit of our citizens

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